About   Me

hey friend!

A little about me. Mom of three gorgeous human beings and two adorable pups.  Wife of Mr. Handsome. I LOVE love; this is what has kept me going for the past 13+ years as a photographer. I prefer to catch you in the moment versus staged and posed (we will mix in a little of that as well).  Our memories can fade but a moment preserved in time can not. It is very important for me to capture who you are at this time. Every ounce of beauty, silliness or emotion. 

That is enough about me.  I would love to learn about you. 

i'm so glad you are here!

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xo - Melanie

Maya (Age 19)
"My mom is very loving. Her skills inspire me to take photos and videos. She is a very hard worker and helps me work hard.  She is a style inspiration."

Abby (Age 13) 
"One time she let me come with to a photo shoot and she was doing a great job. She has great clients. She'll make you look great in your photos. She is a very nice gal."

Emma (Age 11)
"She always says family before friends. She's very funny and a good laugh. She is very loving."

From my Daughter's Perspective